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It's TIME to create like a BOSS and boss like a CREATIVE.

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INTENTIONAL Pattern Design



Do you want to learn 5 steps you can action immediately that will turn your patterns into your target market's dream pattern?

5 points in your design you've overlooked.

From flower type to technique... layout to longevity I have you covered.

  • Want to make your design process more intentional?
  • Want to turn your passion into a pattern business that works?

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The Ultimate Guide to Floral Design.

This 20-minute 3-part guide will take you through 6 crucial parts of the design process even before you think about artwork.

The No 1 guide, jam-packed with industry insider knowledge to get you creating sellable designs that attract your ideal clients and scaling your design business.


Floral Ninjas
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Get my FREE watercolour tutorial.

In this 30-minute watercolour pansy tutorial, I teach you multiple watercolour techniques that you can use again and again.

5 steps to a PROFITABLE print design business

This guide covers 5 simple shifts you can make that will make you get you seen, get you clients and get your business streamlined. Stop pigeonholing or tunnel visioning and finally go from freelancer to fully booked design business.

Let your creativity shine and your business work for you.

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