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I'm  a FIRM believer that with enough PASSION and determination you can do anything.

The creative bug is something you're born with. For me it surfaced at a young age, but for others it appears decades into life. Whenever it appears, it's something you can't shake, and it's something you shouldn't try to.

As an artist and designer I think my heart pumps creation and ideas. But when you're just starting out you need that helping hand to guide you into YOUR creative place that will light you up too. This is a fire I love to fuel.

Floral Ninjas
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You CAN become a floral NINJA too

What I really LOVE about mentoring and teaching others the art of florals and the magic of design is when it triggers something inside them….that light-bulb moment.
That point when it clicks and they tell me "I could have never painted florals like this before". To see my educating translated into their stroke of genius and moreover, see their WINS from it.

Let me introduce myself

I'm  Natasha, international print designer and floral artist. I work with clients around the world from a multitude of industries to help them discover their identity.

Through the brands I work with to the students I teach. Each journey is centred around the individual. No one wants a carbon copy of someone else.

Unleash YOUR identity, discover YOUR handwriting, make YOUR mark.

I help create collections that live and breath the brand and also that speaks directly to their ideal consumer.

I floral other peoples lives.

Floral Artistry

How it all began...

There's a stigma that comes with the Arts, the idea of the 'starving artist' and this is something that almost stopped my path to passion. As a teen my parents told me I was 'too brainy' to just do Art. (it was meant in a kind way) They supported my passion but we negotiated on the grounds I would try other things too… 4 A Levels and a Foundation Degree later, no one could deny that my path was to be colourful, messy and knee deep in paint… not a text book in sight!

I was breaking the norm, going left whilst most people were going right, choosing art  over academia… although I come from a long line of architects and makers, me perusing Art as a career was the unknown.

We are often led to believe that you need a 'real job', one that starts at 9, finishes at 5, answers to a boss and has a monthly salary, succeed Even now, whilst  I run a successful design business I'm often asked how my 'little flower painting thing' is going.

I know now that your destiny isn't set out by life's tick list and that whole 'starving artist' mumbo-jumbo is just that… of course you can make money following your passion.

Never let anyone or anything STOP you from ACHIEVING your dreams.

Let people think you just doodle…. Pretty awesome having a 5, 6 or 7 figure business from 'just doodling' eh!

I've been in the design industry for over a decade both in-house and freelancing. Through agent sales, licensing and working with individual brands I have built an extensive customer base solely around painting florals. I have a customer base that knows my hand and comes back for my florals.

I have to PINCH myself sometimes too.

flower artist and mentor


I'm a 30 something, audio-book listening, tea drinking, pattern clashing, crazy dancing, flower painting, community cheerleader, creative, supportive, not always serious wife, mama and designer from the south west of england. I'm a glass half full kinda' gal filled with a passion and drive to strive and thrive, which has come in handy throughout my journey in entrepreneurship. My main loves are my family and friends, the belly aching laughs they evoke and the joy of watching them grow into the beautiful humans they are.

So in a nutshell…
that's me.

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So WHY learn from me?

I have walked your walk. From playful marks to unsuccessful experiments, I know the process, but believe me, it all pays off! I tell my students to "practise, make a mess and absorb the lessons from each disaster". This is hard to embrace at first… but there is a world of opportunities when you do.

I'm going to go AGAINST the grain and say it's not ALL about niching!

Throughout my years in the industry I have seen the benefits of honing my style and creating that signature look which has solidified some major clients. But as artists we are ever developing and allowing myself to do this has created a plethora of techniques, styles and multi-disciplinary answers, which has made my business boom. Why confine your creativity?

As an educated and experienced designer with over a decade of industry experience and a vast client base including many well known Highstreet brands and even some runway leaders, I know a thing or two about print design. I know how it all works, what stands out and how to predict and decipher what's 'trending'. Trends aren't always new… it's often the new old, which is why keeping it traditional, learning the core techniques and developing a strong foundation has enabled my business to thrive, and so could yours.

10 Simple things that

light me up !


Being a MUM, learning as I go and loving Althea more


A night in, watching a dystopian, sci-fi or disaster movie with Lee including all the snacks


Working out (not everyday) but the buzz afterwards is worth the near death experience.


Weekly wellbeing pamper nights.


Spontaneous days which turn into spontaneous evenings.


Hanging with my friends, a place I feel home as soon as I step into their company (oh, the belly aching giggles)


Walks… all the walks, and the head space it brings


A cold pint of Somerset Cider on the Bristol Harbour-side, watching the boats pass.


LEARNING… and growing as a woman in life and business.


AUDIO BOOKS….have I ever told you how I love audio books?