Watercolour Bootcamp

sarah street pic

Every tutorial was executed in a FRIENDLY and enthusiastic manner, Natasha was always very encouraging

The community support throughout the bootcamp has been overwhelming and given me more confidence in my work than I had beforehand. The course was laid out in a very methodical structure, starting with basic painting techniques, before moving onto flower specific shapes and how to build these up with watercolour. I particularly enjoyed the roses tutorial as cabbage roses were never my favourite flower to paint, but with the 'c' shape brushstroke technique I'm happy to say my roses have took on a whole new life!

I cannot fault Natasha's teaching style throughout the course. Every tutorial was executed in a friendly and enthusiastic manner, Natasha was always very encouraging and made me feel at ease about learning and not stressing about everything being perfect first time. Her passion for floral painting is evident and I'm so glad that she chose to share this passion with all of us.

Sarah Street - Textiles Designer

Natasha is the MOST incredible teacher,

being able to learn under someone who is as talented as she is patient and kind is a rare gift. The detail she goes into is amazing, and she is really easy to learn from - especially with her videos where you can pause, repeat and learn at your pace. Obviously she is at the top of her game in terms of skill, but I feel like a huge part of what makes her an amazing teacher is she strips away the fear of learning - as beginners (myself included) we are all scared of starting something new. But this is a teacher who makes you feel valued, and like one step forward is the biggest win in the world. Thank you Natasha, for brightening my life in ways you will never really understand and know.

Jessa Bellman - fabledpapery.com.au

Natasha's floral bootcamp has been an ABSOLUTE game changer for me!

From basic brushwork technique to understanding how to paint a readable flower, the bootcamp was easy to follow and gave me clear direction on how to improve. Before I was stuck with my florals and the bootcamp gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and grow as an artist. Thank you, Natasha!

Talia Van Der Wel

I thoroughly ENJOYED the 7 week boot camp that you so selflessly put together,

bringing people from all around the world together to enjoy, converse and encourage each other in our own work and love for floral painting. I found the course to be clearly laid out with each week focusing on a specific technique within watercolour painting, which was very easy to digest and absorb as we weren't overloaded with too much all at once. Your teaching style was simplistic, easy to follow, enthusiastic, friendly and was a joy to watch each week as it was clear to see your love for floral painting shine through and pass onto others. I've taken away lots of new techniques and I'm seeing how to paint particular flowers in a whole new light whilst feeling more confident in my work, so thank you!

Becki Street - Textile Designer


I was very fortunate to CONNECT with Natasha and join her floral painting group at the right time

Since leaving uni, I was on a mission to learn floral painting as florals are a huge part of textiles. I was very fortunate to connect with Natasha and join her floral painting group at the right time. Natasha's yrs of experience with painting florals helped me a great deal as she patiently answered any questions about painting, designing and anything textile related. Natasha helped transfer her skills to us through video demos, live Q&A to pick her brains and also breaking down the painting process easily using many different mediums for painting.

I would highly recommend learning from Natasha as my painting improved within a few months and was able to get a job within textiles because I had 'strong floral painting' skills which I didn't have before! Thank you Natasha!

Aisha Khan - Textile Designer

Complete Compositions

Claire Parker

I feel that there's ALWAYS room to
learn and grow

I have LOVED the Complete Compositions Course, despite having nine years experience working as a Fashion Print Designer I feel that there's always room to learn and grow and I had identified weaknesses in my floral painting.

My aim was to improve my painting technique and learn how to paint flowers as a composition rather than as individual elements so to spend less time making corrections and laying out in Photoshop and this has definitely happened already. I love that the course takes you from the painting basics right through to how it could be digitally applied to the final product.

Away from the course I've enjoyed being part of the Facebook group and how we have all shared nuggets of advice from our respective industries and learnt from each other.

Claire Parker, Print Designer


The course has enabled me to secure a design placement at a MAJOR company.

As a Print student at university, Complete Compositions is the best thing that could have happened to me.

Completing the course has enabled me to BLOOM and secure a 12-month design placement at a major fashion / interior company. I still dip into modules post-course with the fabulous workbooks Natasha provided.

There’s no denying florals are tricky…You just have to trust the process!

The flexibility of recordings and videos made this possible. So don’t use the “I just don’t have time” excuse if that’s the only reason stopping you from this course.

It’s evident, consistent practice shows consistent growth no matter how slow or fast.

If you really want to get into floral painting, this is the way to do it!

Hollie Harrison

Complete Compositions course has been a HUGE step forward for me.

In spite of just starting in the world of painting flowers in watercolors, I am very pleased with where I can take my work in the future. Natasha generously shared her industry knowledge with tips and tricks for creating pleasing floral compositions that include variety and movement. Watching her painting tutorials is very mesmerizing and informative. Learning the "rules" and then being encouraged to break them opens up an exciting new world of design options. I highly recommend this course and anything that Natasha offers.

Karen Burton

I was completely BLOWN away by ALL the things I learnt

I was in two minds whether to join the course as I have been working in the design industry for 12 years, I wondered if I might already know most of what was being covered.
I was sooo wrong!! I was completely blown away by all the things I learnt and all the areas I realised was going wrong.
I can honestly say, it's been the best course I've ever done. Natasha is so open and honest, and so good at bringing people together.
Now my confidence is boosted, I'm more focused and I'm producing designs more quickly. I can't thank Natasha enough!

Sarah Hemmings, Print Designer

WHAT they say...

Rosalind Holmes

It has really helped me move on my floral PAINTING STYLE.

I have absolutely loved Natasha's course, it has really helped me move on my floral painting style and been something to look forward to with the provision of structure throughout these slightly uncertain times.

Having a community of designers is inspiring and also gives the much-needed gentle nudge of accountability. Seeing everyone's individual style really helps you to forge your own and pushes you to go further and improve more.

I have been designing pattern and print for many years but florals weren't my speciality, I thought lockdown was a good time to brush up on these skills. I was happy to draw and paint tight florals but I really wanted to loosen up my hand and become more expressive - practise and Natasha's demos and tips have really helped me do this.

In addition to painting, the course also covers digitising artworks - something I'm very familiar with, but insights into another professional designer's way of doing things have been an eye opener and extremely helpful. This also extends to every component of being a commercial print designer - Natasha has been very giving with her knowledge of the industry and how to market and position your work.

In short, I'm very happy I found Natasha on Facebook and signed up for the course, she's extremely diligent and generous with her time.

Rosalind Holmes

Meeting NATASHA you has meant a before and AFTER, and it must be one of the few things that I can be thankful for in this time of the pandemic.

Natasha's course “Complete Composition” has allowed me to improve my painting skills, but above all to learn to optimize my work and know-how to focus it on my target audience.  I'm certainly more productive and market-oriented now and I'm more confident that I'm on the right track.  Sharing my concerns with great and creative people has been, without a doubt, another of the wonders of the course.

Meeting Natasha you has meant a before and after, and it must be one of the few things that I can be thankful for in this time of the pandemic. You have made me work at night, paint almost every day, learn new mediums and techniques, meet great people and be more confident to focus on new goals.

Elena Romero - Print Designer


Thank you SO much for your TIME and the care you take in teaching every one of your students.

Just want to say thank you so much for providing this painting & design course. I've always wanted to learn how to paint in watercolor and after trying out your watercolor bootcamp and then taking your Composition class, I've learned so much! In life, I think the most important is to be able to do things that bring your joy, and watercolor painting really brings a smile to my day and a kick to my step 🙂

Your class has been so helpful with the weekly online classes and the video tutorials. I've been able to learn how to paint more complex floral and foliage motifs because of your detailed and well explained demonstrations. I've signed up for other online paint classes before but the demo videos are very short and definitely not as helpful as your class videos. I really appreciate how you provide so much information in the span of 12 classes and also providing great advice outside of class. Thank you so much for your time and the care you take in teaching every one of your students.

Cindy Chan

Natasha is a fantastic teacher and floral painting GURU

Natasha's in-depth teaching not only included weekly video tutorials and workbooks, but also Live Zoom Trainings and Live Q&A sessions on a weekly basis, that showed her never ending support for her students and were like private tutoring.

 Natasha is a fantastic teacher and floral painting guru that was so generous to dish out well-kept textile industry secrets from day 1 of the course. Every week was another eye opener to floral painting and composition.

Here are the hard facts:

- I sold the first design one week into the course
- I was commissioned to paint a floral mural in a yoga retreat center
- I was contacted by two print studios to work for them as a floral designer (especially my loose florals caught their eye).

And it all happened during the 12 weeks of the course

Cathrin Gressieker

Jess Cooper Photo 2

The course is amazing VALUE for the wealth of content

Natasha is a really friendly and approachable teacher who explains clearly and in great detail during the tutorials and training sessions, giving helpful advice and insight into creating commercially successful prints.
My hand-painting skills have improved over the course through learning a range of new techniques, floral styles, experimenting with different media and now being much more confident in painting my own compositions, having learnt Natasha's floral strategy which has made my florals more sophisticated.
Loved the community aspect of the private Facebook group, with being able to learn from other fellow creatives and be inspired by everyone's floral journeys. Also with Natasha providing in-depth and helpful critique on work I posted.
Overall, the course is amazing value for the wealth of content which was much more than expected and I am really pleased with how my design style has developed

Jess Cooper - Print Designer


An excellent and enjoyable way to LEVEL UP your floral painting skills.

Complete Compositions with Natasha is an excellent and enjoyable way to level up your floral painting skills. The course progression was well-paced and flexible enough to allow time to really dig into each lesson. Natasha was very accessible for feedback and answering questions. There was a great insight into the industry in terms of trends, digitizing, creating layouts, and expert interviews.

As with any course you get out of it what you put into it and I witnessed positive growth in my own and others' techniques. There was a wide range of talent from beginner to advanced. I highly recommend the course to anyone looking to focus on florals for fashion.

Femi Ford - Print Designer

I'm so THANKFUL to Natasha for creating such an enjoyable course

I've loved every minute of it!
I've looked forward to watching the tutorials each week and using what I've learned to paint flowers. The class members have been so supportive also, the work they have created has been motivating and inspiring to see.
The Complete Compositions course has helped me work faster, develop my own style, improve my painting skills and create compositions suited to textiles. It has given me a better understanding of designing florals for the fashion industry and I feel more confident that I can succeed as a floral print designer.
This is one of the best courses I have taken, I highly recommend it!

Juli McKinley

Natasha is a hugely inspiring artist/designer with a wealth of EXPERT knowledge, skills, and experience. 

Complete Compositions has been an AMAZING course! Natasha is kind and engaging and always has time to help you with your development as an artist/designer. I have also loved connecting with other like-minded creatives on the course; it’s a great opportunity to learn from each other and grow. 

This is definitely a course that I will benefit from for years to come and it has helped to build my confidence and improve my technique when painting florals.

Natasha said at the beginning of the course that investing in you is not a risk, and I 100% agree. If you love to paint florals then I would encourage you to follow your passion and sign up for Complete Compositions. 

Angharad Steele

Emma Wilson

Natasha's course HAS been a GAME changer for me

I've noticed such an improvement in my painting and design style, I can now paint a lot more realistically but still in a way that is loose and individual to me.

The course breaks down the painting for design process into really manageable steps and teaches you all of the fundamentals you need to know. It also broadened my understanding of the whole commercial design process from market research to successful compositions and different layouts.

It came at a great time for me to improve my style during lockdown while the industry had slowed down. Natasha gave lots of great industry advice and was really understanding of all of our situations and adapted the course accordingly to let us catch up.

She is a great teacher and the training is really relaxed and fun. It was great to have such a strong sense of community with the other members of the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs a fresh dose of knowledge!

Emma Wilson - Print Designer