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Complete Compositions the program

Are you ready to SUPERCHARGE your florals and start creating INTENTIONAL, commercial, collections... that sell!?

Let's Go!

If you can paint flowers you will ALWAYS have a job in the textiles industry.

Paul Murphy

Did you know...

Florals are THE MOST dominant pattern in the print industry.

Thanks to their multidisciplinary nature and the thousands of varieties of seasoned flowers, they are one of the only pattern types that cross into all industries and are consistently sprinkled in collections EVERY season.

What if I gave you the POWER to create beautiful blooms and translate them into commercial patterns that SPEAK DIRECTLY to those industries?

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Things you can do to make sure you’re designing things that people want. From target-marketed ideas to aesthetically pleasing initial artwork through to intentional design, from colour to layout, from pitch to print.

Adding painterly florals to your repertoire does make you more desirable to multiple also need the ability to create show-stopping designs.



You need to capture the essence of the flowers whilst also making them readable, striking but not confused, and irresistibly gorgeous!

I'd just had a 1 on 1 with you at the end of the course and we chatted about my portfolio. I reached out to 2 of my top studios the next day and got a YES FROM BOTH!

I already knew I wanted to join beforehand. It's one of few courses teaching floral painting specifically for the fashion industry. My goal was to improve my painting skills which I absolutely did! I can't believe how much I improved.

I can safely say this has been the most beneficial course I've taken and I've definitely made my money back in print sales.

Natasha packs SO much into the course. Complete Compositions has really helped me on my print design journey.

Kate Eldrige - Print Designer

Sound familiar?

You're fed up spending precious time OVER THINKING your artwork?

Too busy wondering what flowers to paint, where to place them, and what elements will go with them? And in turn, creating something static that lacks fluidity, movement, and LIFE.


You're collaging motifs together with generic repeat tiles and wishing for the fluidity and drama you see in other designers' work.


You're churning out patterns that don’t sell as well as you’d like, but you're not sure what direction to turn.


You feel swamped with possibilities. The design process leaves creating multiple options for your “final design”, instead of already knowing the design's roadmap from the beginning and confidently following through.


You know HAND-PAINTED FLORALS will give you an EDGE and identity… but you don't know how to put the puzzle pieces back together CORRECTLY.

What if I could provide you the tools which gave you the confidence to just start painting instead of pondering over what, when, and how....and allowed you to just DO.

Floral Ninjas

You CAN become a floral NINJA too

You just need the RECIPE to create harmonious artwork, that smoothly translates into commercially marketable designs across a BREADTH of industries.

I have the recipe

Right now, you lack clarity.


  • You need the rules and boundaries to flower painting, so you can break down the barriers without them falling apart. Clear instructions instead of an overload of conflicting information.


  • You misunderstand what makes designs sellable.


  • You lack clarity in your design intention from the start which is why you are wasting time second-guessing and creating multiple options.


  • You need to know how to hyperfocus a brief so you can hit more markets.


Once you know how to execute hand-painted florals effortlessly, you can then use those skills to create a versatile collection full of target-marketed pattern designs. To add newness time and time again.

florals = limitless versatility


DIVERSIFY your skillset whilst honing your hand.


Get your teeth stuck into a unique brand identity whilst also showcasing YOUR signature style.  Experiment, build on ideas, and broaden your "idea library".

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Imagine this...

Imagine selling designs CONSISTENTLY and confidently and

not worrying about the income from your design business.

Like Emma who explain that her “art director instantly saw an improvement in my work” and now florals have become her most prominent style in her collections.


And Olivia explains how the course has “made me approach all my designing in a different way, even when doing things like animal skins”.


Leaving Sarah feeling "more focused and I'm producing designs more quickly".


And Catherin who  "sold the first design one week into the course".

Complete Compositions
Untitled design (6)

Imagine yourself in 6 MONTHS from now, proficiently creating beautifully balanced floral compositions from scratch, that flow into layouts and designs that FLY OF THE RACK.

Like Sam who completed the course in August and since has been offered 2 design positions just 4 months after completing the course, thanks to her painterly floral hand.

She managed to sell 4 designs from her portfolio that was created during the course, within the first week of work.

Follow the strategy, Learn the rules, Then do your own dance.

All by the power of FLORALS!

I want you to get results!

I want you to have all the skills to create artwork and designs that are CUSTOMER DRIVEN, speak to your clients and will set you at the forefront of other designers

flower artist and mentor


This is why I give you the COMPLETE checklist...

to create balanced and INTERESTING compositions that translate into an array of pattern layouts for design.

Alongside a bible of layout guides for textiles design that create collections that checks all the boxes.

My strategy for creating compositions produces florals that look organic, captures the ESSENCE but still remain loose.

  • No more painting flowers with no identity which evolve into unknown species.
  • No more 'blobby' flowers, not quite knowing what to add, or where it's going but with the pressure to keep churning.
  • No more static designs with floating flowers, dead heads, and donut roses.


Once I nailed my composition strategy and client process, the same processes I use in every design, (and teach throughout the program) I realised it was the recipe to a successful design and in turn my profitable design business.

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NO MORE brick repeat tiles that show an OBVIOUS repeat and a static tossed layout.

That doesn't convert for florals. Composition and layouts really help you guide the viewer's eye through your design from one Hero flower to the next. Allows you to keep a strong sense of reality but also adds elements of style. Through colour and tones, you create dimension and depth.

Look alive
Feel alive


I want you to fall in love with painting and design again. To ENJOY THE PROCESS and be proud of what you produce.

But also reap the financial benefits too.


And you can!

Floral-art-mentor Creative-floral-painting-mentor Flower-art-painting

Everyone needs florals in their back pocket. why??

Trends come and go, from tie-dye to kaleidoscope but what's always there to tell the tale… florals. Why go after the 20% when you could be appealing to the 80%... No brainer right?


Trends aren't always new… it's often the new old, which is why keeping it traditional, learning the core techniques and developing a strong foundation has enabled my business to thrive, and so could yours.


We need to make our business work for us, instead of always working for it.

Still here...

I know you have floral FEVER, a fire in your belly and you're ready to go.

This is perfect for you if...


  • Are a Print designer but florals aren't your specialty and you know you need florals in your repertoire
  • Have a design degree and still trying to break into the industry but don't know how to create commercially driven work?
  • Are painting for fun, and hoping to turn it into a money-maker somewhere down the line?
  • Are wanting to add another aspect to your design business to expand your sales?
  • Are a complete beginner with a passion for this but need to learn the whole process!

and you want to...

  • Up-level your skills and create compositions that flow effortlessly into design layouts that sell.
  • Become more confident with your design process...or ACTUALLY have one 😉
  • Have a portfolio of unquestionable designs that creates a more predictable income.


Complete Compositions


The 6 month in-depth LIVE course/mentoring program where you not only learn how to paint beautiful florals, but also how to create balanced and interesting compositions that translate into an array of pattern layouts for design.

It goes through my 7-step strategy for floral compositions, how to interprete it into stylised florals, to create the ultimate ever-growing diverse portfolio and how to digitise your artwork and translate them into layouts and repeats for pattern design.

This course will help you find YOUR edge.

You will learn everything I have learned about floral composition and design layouts through my 13 years in the textile industry.

Start successfully designing commercially driven, industry-focussed floral patterns 6 months from now!

Florals prints dominate the pattern industry. It's time for you to have a slice of the pie.

You get access to the course for 1 year, meaning you get 6 month with me for support, and a further 6 months to dive-in for a refresh.

So WHO am I?

Hey, I'm Natasha

I'm an international print designer and artist and I've been working in the textiles industry helping brands create SELL OUT collections for the past 12 years.

I've been designing florals for over a decade and most of my designs you will find in the stores of the high-street giants. From ASOS to Anthropology and everything in between.

A tutor once told me; "If you can paint flowers, you will always have a job in the textiles industry". And it was this piece of advice that I share with my design students every day! Because there are thousands of varieties of flowers in the world and countless ways to do it. It's about experimenting, finding the thing you love, and your way to do it.

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Okay let's BREAK IT DOWN....What do you get?

Module 1


We start to understand identifying target markets, designing for particular brands and finding out who your ideal client is... and how to serve them.

Module 2


I cover everything you need to get started in design. From trend analysis, intuitive research, and creating a cohesive and clear moodboard.

Module 3


This week is all about back to basics and really understanding our different florals.

Module 4


I cover the parts you NEED to paint to ensure the flower can be read correctly and how these elements differ depending on the angle. In various video tutorials, I will teach you a variety of flowers categories at multiple angles so you can apply this method to a breadth of flowers. We get right into the details here.

Module 5


Allow the viewer to travel through your painting and design.

Module 6


Here we delve deep into the realm of foliage and when how and where to use it. Set the scene and create a theme!

Module 7


I will explain the importance of scale and tone within any composition. How to use it, where to use it and how it transforms your artwork to add depth and a 3-dimensional feel to both individual flowers and your entire composition to really make them jump off the page.

Module 8


Depth of field, dimension, and 'making them look 3D' are 3 things I get asked so often. Here I will show you some techniques I use within my compositions to create these effects. It's all about those illusions.

Module 9


Through colour theory, I cover colourways, colour palettes, and how it creates different feels, emotions and works for different clientele in your design.

Module 10


The same compositional strategy applies when you are painting big blooms vs ditsies... but there are a few rules that need adjusting. Stretch your hand and learn how to do both as we go BIG painting large scale compositions and then go small with ditsies.

Module 11


This is how you translate my composition strategy into stylised designs. Here I show you how you can use all these techniques to create something with style and less realistic. You will understand how you can use these 7 steps to create hundreds of different florals in the future.

Module 12


If you're wanting to design for a studio or an agent you are going to need to know this. This ensures you appeal to more than one customer, but also the same customer twice.

Module 13


I cover the importance of different design layouts, the way they work most successfully and when to use them. I cover how to disguise those ugly repeat lines throughout your designs to create an irresistible floral with fluidity.

Module 14


From high end to the high street, the tweaks, the differences and what to look for.

PLUS 4 group hot seat sessions

Everyone will have 10 minutes to take the 'hot seat' and share worries, ask for guidance from me and your fellow designers and designers to be, or iron out any kinks.

This is will be a group with a HUGE collective knowledge...use it!

This is to keep you on track to make sure you're implementing in the correct way and keep you moving forward.

Not only that...






Tech got ya' stuck... this is for you!

This is a 4-part course that covers everything you need to start digitising your artwork and creating digital patterns on Photoshop.

  • Photoshop setup and shortcuts
  • Cleaning-up scanned artwork
  • Creating a repeat pattern
  • Designing a half-drop repeat
  • Designing with grounds



1 x 60 minute LIVE session to answer all your questions and iron out all your tech kinks!

(value £300)

How the course works...

Guest Expert






With Erin Estrada

Erin will guide you through the differences between working for Indie Brands vs The Luxury Legends. As a product managers for the likes of Markus Lupfer and Roland Mouret and also various independent brands we will talk about what to expect and how they differ.


(VALUE £200)

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5 steps to a

licencing DEAL!

Vanessa Stoilova photo

Are you still dreaming of your first licensing deal?

Vanessa has been working as a professional illustrator since 2015 - first in picture books, and now in art licensing. Vanessa has been licensing her work independently for years and will share the fundamental steps you need to take to make your first independent license deals.

From Company research, and negotiation to signing the contract!

She's your girl.


(VALUE £200)





With Aurelia from Create the Cut

Create the Cut has been licensing and selling Auralia's gorgeous floral artworks on online marketplaces as digital products for years.


If you're wondering all the ways you can get your art into the world and how to navigate the online marketplace, you're in safe hands.


(VALUE £200)

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That's a whopping £1100 worth of bonuses on top of the course.

blue and yellow full width











£220 /mo





£110 /mo


WHAT they say...


1. When does the course start?

The course kicks off with an orientation on 27th February and Module One dropping 5th March.

2. When are the live sessions?

Weekly live training sessions are on Tuesdays alternating 6 pm and 12pm GMT/BST

3. What if I can't make the live sessions?

All live sessions are recorded. If you have questions you can submit them in advance and they will be covered during the call.

4. What are the hotseats?

These are group coaching sessions. You have an opportunity to get work critiqued and personal feedback from me.

5. I have no Photoshop experience, will this be too advanced?

Absolutely not, my method design is centered around the painting. The composition builds most of the design, so the digital bit is quick, simple, and seamless. The digitising course that comes with Complete Compositions is an easy-to-understand step-by-step course repeats in no time.

6. Do I need to have an agent to benefit from this course?

Not at all. For those that do they can start selling from week 1 but this is THE PERFECT opportunity to quickly build a portfolio that will secure you an agent.

7. Do you teach licensing?

No it doesn't.

The course covers how to paint and design floral patterns for a commercial market. It is all the practical skills you need to execute the designs. From that, you can license, sell exclusively, start a brand, etc.. the world is your oyster.

8. Is this a beginners' course?

No. We have had students who have owned their own studios, some who have been in the industry for over 20 years, and others that are new to the game. All get just as much from the course.

9. Are the live sessions painting workshops?

No, all the painting tutorials are pre-recorded, this allows for more concentration and making sure everything is covered. The live sessions are trainings and Q&As.

10. Do you help us build a portfolio?

Using the briefs for each module you will be building a portfolio of your own during the course and the hot seats will provide you feedback.

11. Is this just a painting course?

No this is the full shebang! Flower painting in a multitude of techniques and mediums, composition, layouts, floral pattern design, digitising, target marketing, and trend analysing. The FULL Package!

Hear from my past compositioners...