Creating a sustainable print and pattern business


Creating a sustainable print and pattern business is key to your success and sanity.

Hey, fellow creatives and welcome back to another confession of a pattern designer. Today we are focussing on the power of florals in your collections and not falling into the rat race to create a sustainable print and pattern business that you love to clock in for and brings in the money you want it to.

In today’s episode (let’s pretend it’s an episode) we will explore the depths of the design process and discover the nuances that often go unnoticed. It only seems fitting as we approach my most sought-after FREE challenge “floral seasons in surface pattern”

You know I’m your floral gal, so let’s delve into the significance of florals in design and how they can serve as a timeless and lucrative asset for any designer.



The Everlasting Allure of Florals is the No1 tip to sustainable print and pattern collections:

If like me you are print-obsessed, you will notice that florals have maintained their relevance throughout the years, proving to be a design element that transcends trends. While people crave newness, design trends often revolve around subtle modifications to established themes. Yep, you guessed it… FLORALS are always a key player and a recipe for creating a sustainable print and pattern business

Why, you ask me?

Florals offer a unique opportunity to blend innovation with timeless appeal, allowing designers to create pieces that withstand the test of time whilst also showcasing their creativity.

I want you to think about this when you are creating your newest design concepts. Your innovation is key but perhaps your subject matter is the pivotal role.



Knowing your market builds a sustainable print and pattern process.

One thing I see designers failing to do and that is designing for their market. It might seem counterproductive to hyperfocus your work, but it’s what targets your customers. This creates those connections and relationships that get people coming back. If there is one thing that screams sustainable business model, that’s repeat custom.

I have always had a successful commercial hand due to the painterly nature of my designs. But it’s hard sometimes to know what you’re doing right and more so what you’re doing wrong.

As a designer, understanding the market and consumer preferences is as important as having an instruction manual for your new coffee machine.

Design isn’t about the technicalities of a seamless repeat. It’s about you as the creative fulfilling the desires of your prospective customer. This is what takes your designs to the next level and makes them unquestionable to your customers.

Florals make this an easy decision on a designer level and a purchaser level. They are commercial “motifs” and they can reflect so many different emotions/ themes/ moods and trends depending on how you do them.


Also circling back to the top… they are the most in-demand design category in surface pattern design.

This is the importance of commercial viability and consumer demand.



Seeing your work as an investment.

Like many new designers new to the industry I fell into the trap of churning out work that was heavily trend-influenced. I was a fresh-faced 22-year-old straight out of design Uni and I did as I was asked.

But as an experienced freelancer, I see my work differently, my mindset has shifted.

I now see every design as an investment. It’s an investment into my collections. The time spent was an investment in my business and it will soon become an investment for my customers. The focus shifts from quantity to quality.


  1. How do you want your brand to be perceived?
  2. Do you want your designs to work for your customers in years to come, not just for 5 minutes?


While it’s tempting to chase the next big trend, I want to emphasize the importance of considering longevity in design over the “catwalk copy” rat race. (To which I would never condone anyway, we’re creatives… let it shine!)

Florals, when done right, offer a harmonious blend of being trend-driven, commercially viable, and enduring. This approach ensures that designs remain relevant even years after their creation. This evergreen addition to your collections creates a constant drip of sales.



How florals have been the reason for my sustainable print and pattern business:

I know this seems lofty, but it’s true!

As a mother, I don’t and can’t sustain a business that requires me to be designing every day. The way I design my florals creates a path of longevity for my collections.

This is great for both exclusive sales in fashion and licensing designs long-term.

I take off all school holidays, only work 4 days per week, and still sell my designs consistently.

The enduring popularity of painterly florals serves as a testament to their timeless appeal. When you prioritise longevity, designs continue to captivate customers, even several years down the line.

Isn’t this music to everyone’s ears?


The journey into the world of timeless florals is right at your fingertips.

If you seek the steps to create designs that stand the test of time too… look no further. (well actually, look below)

If you would love to learn all about creating floral designs that are targeted, themed, and have years of desirability in them then I have a FREE challenge “Floral Seasons in Surface Pattern” starting on 29th January. You can sign up for FREE here.


I hear you asking me how I know all of this. Well, that’s the beauty of industry experience.

If you would like to create more emotive designs, designs with purpose and create connections with your work that result in sales. This is the one for you.

Happy floraling.

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