bootcamp (1640 x 580 px)

With watercolour the possibilities are ENDLESS

Whether it's ethereal serenity, bold and bright fluidity, or deep and detailed reality… painting blooms in watercolour is a combination like no other.

But there's a fine line between the unpredictable and the out of control.

Let me guess...

you're scrolling and SAVING other people's artwork, but struggling to get the RESULTS yourself?

the reason…

With watercolour, there are so many things that come into play that can turn those beautiful bleeds into a mass of medium with no recognisable flower in sight... more muddy puddles than spontaneous bleeds.

Or perhaps you have a combination of static overworked shapes instead of spontaneous fluid marks.

Believe me, you're not alone. The truth is, so many artists start off that way… painting 'blobby' flowers again and again, not quite knowing what to add. It's that pressure to churn and go through the motions instead of stepping back, getting clarity and learning the correct ways.

Painting flowers is tricky at the best of times, but painting in watercolour brings a whole new set of problems solving to dive into.

It's ALL VERY WELL knowing your
final destination
but you NEED to know
the directions that will GET YOU THERE

The beautiful thing about florals in watercolour is having the ability to create florals that look organic but remain loose. To have that anchoring part, that depth that draws the eye in all the right places but still looks suggestive.

I like to call this

"capturing the essence of the flower"

instead of painting a perfect depiction.

flower artist and mentor

I have CREATED the floral watercolour bible that will teach you all of these techniques.

Techniques that you can learn, adapt and make your own and create artwork that checks all the boxes.

STOP wasting time.
Having ONE place with all the lessons, a group of creatives for support and inspiration and me for personalised guidance and support completely changes the game.

No more experimenting blind!

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I have built an extremely successful business solely based on painting flowers. I know, I have to pinch myself daily, lucky me!

BEING yourself, finding YOUR style and developing YOUR niche doesn't mean PIGEON HOLING!

I design many different florals, with a variety of mediums. From ditsies to large scale blooms, loose suggestions to detailed specifics, the chunky, the bleeding, the wet, the dry and all the in-between.

Natasha Floral artist and mentor

This MULTI-DISCIPLINARY mindset is what has allowed me to GROW an  art and design business that OOZES Natasha Gulliford...
but also brings different things to the table.
I think it's so important to test, experiment and develop. We are forever learning and growing that's what separates the ARTISTS from the WANNABEES.

Let me ASK you
• Do you want to paint in watercolours but don't know your flooding from your feathering?
• Are you a passionate creative who would like to develop a different skill to add to your creative library?
• Are you tentatively painting worried that the next brush mark might be mess instead of magic?

bootcamp (1640 x 580 px)

This is a DEEP DIVE into watercolour techniques and how you can use them to CREATE a variety of looks in your florals.

The course is perfect for all levels as it is a step by step guide into each technique alongside exercises to get you implementing. You will get the pre-recorded tutorial videos and the workbooks PLUS I'll be with you every step of the way to see what you're getting up to in the private course community full of past and present watercolour bootcampers. That peer support from others that are passionate about painting florals too is second to none.

Creative Empowering Bold

Start creating BOLD, soft, energetic, and ethereal florals in a variety of ways inside the Academy NOW.

Through 29 video lessons I break down EVERYTHING you need to know about watercolour florals so you can be your own FLORAL MASTER.

Module 1

I explain the techniques of wet on wet and how to use it in an ethereal style and a bold, loose and lively style.

Module 2

Here we dive into the wet on dry technique… building, layering and dry brushing.

Module 3

This one's everything flooding…using water to control your pigment but still keeping in loose and lively.

Module 4

Let's face it painting in watercolour is all about negative space. where to paint, when to paint but most importantly…what NOT to paint. Here we dive deep into negative space in your florals, inverse painting and using masking fluid.

Module 5

This module is all about using unpredictable mediums, those 'added extras' that add surprise results in unconventional ways.

Module 6

Petals petals petals… but how d you paint them all. The secret is YOU DON'T! Here I explain the paintbrush techniques to use and those integral parts to paint to capture the essence of the flower.

Module 7

Let's face it a floral isn't a floral without some foliage. The details, the techniques and the shapes.

Module 8

With all those techniques under your belt, this module is all about painting individual petals for that more realistic botanical look.

Your personalised experience

With 3 x live Zoom Q&A and feedback sessions

Because learning a creative practice isn't about "painting along". It's about knowing the reasons why, learning how, and then understanding how to implement it in your own practices.

And when the puzzle pieces don't fit together, you need someone to turn to for advice.

That's what these sessions are.

To make sure you stay on track, break down the roadblocks and keep you confidently creating instead of spiraling down the wrong rabbit hole.


These sessions alone are worth the price of the course. So jump in head first. 

Plus a bonus

2 x 60 minute live painting workshops

Where we take the lessons out of the tutorials by combining them, twisting them and seeing what you can do with them.

Plus ironing out anything that's not working, in real-time.

(Worth £240)



Waitlist Special Price


pay in full £395

(RRP £430)


pay in 3 monthly installments £135 P/M

(RRP £145 p/m)

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WHAT they say...

The proof is in the painting!

I’m an artist with experience in oil paints and have worked full-time as a floral print designer for around ten years, but it wasn’t until taking Natasha’s Complete Compositions (and later her Watercolour Bootcamp) that I ditched the Wacom pen and transitioned fully into traditional painting for my designs.

Complete Compositions really stripped back the process of designing, but the Watercolour Bootcamp was a deep dive into levelling up and experimenting with new techniques. Not only did her lessons push beyond what I thought I'd be able to do with watercolour, but they also reminded me of the simple joy you get from playing with colour!

Building on insights gained through CC, the skills I acquired through Natasha's mentorship now form the core of much of my daily practice. She is a font of design knowledge, offering artistic wisdom with a personal approach to teaching - all while fostering a wonderful and supportive community of artists and designers.

Hester Tatnell

She creates a very open and creative space in which to thrive.

Watercolour boot camp was amazing. Natasha breaks down her talent and methods into units that allow you to grow at a very regulated pace. By the end, you find using all that was learned from each unit together all at once. It’s amazing. The group chats fostered by Natasha are inspirational. She creates a very open and creative space with which to thrive. It’s a wonderful journey she offers up. My own creative business will benefit from watercolour bootcamp.

Marci Roesler

 I learned so much from this course in a short period of time.

It made me realise every stroke is planned, every highlight and lowlight is planned, every negative space is planned, BUT the beauty lies in creating florals that look so effortlessly chic , that it is impossible to think the strokes are planned and well thought out. By the end of the course, you have this whole concept of florals amalgamated and easy to create using multiple techniques in one single painting.


Natasha solely plays an important role in making us realise we can paint to our hearts content and be happy if we would just let go of the fear of mistakes or outcome. The course helps to push you out of your comfort zone and makes you realise there is so much more inside you, if you would paint without the fear of the result. The course is a must , if you are passionate about floral painting!

Fadiya Shaheen

flower artist and mentor

So, WHO Am I?

My purpose in life is to create and inspire. I've known my entire life that I was born to create. With a passion for fine art and design, I finally found flower painting which has become my perfect in-between.

I have a huge bias for art created with your hands.  The unpredictable mark and the uncontrolled beauty of it and. I truly believe it is this which has enabled me to have such a fruitful career all with the power of painterly florals.

I don't believe that we were born for one style. As artists and creatives, we should always be looking for questions that need answering. Experimentation and trying new mediums is that for me... and watercolours is one of those mediums that keeps on giving.

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